Judge Asked To Skillax To Attend ‘Stairway’

26 janvier 2018
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« Consider heart disease, the No. 1 killer of women, killing more women than all cancers combined. If we can do more to prevent, treat and cure cardiovascular disease, more women will live longer, more families will stay together, more workers will stay productive, and we’ll save money on treating a condition that costs the U.S. nearly a billion dollars a day.

« Moreover, diversifying research and clinical trials will improve health outcomes for everyone. Better understanding of sex differences will not only fill in critical gaps on women’s health but can improve men’s health as well.

« To give an example, looking at disease through the sex and gender lens has driven new insights regarding atrial fibrillation (AFib), a dangerous condition marked by an irregular heartbeat that can lead to stroke, blood clots, heart failure and other heart complications. For many years, research failed to find an association between physical activity and AFib. Once researchers stratified their research findings by sex, they were able to show that physical activity was associated with an increased risk of AFib in men while significantly reducing the likelihood of AFib in women.

Many other areas of health are affected by sex and gender, from susceptibility to depression to response to medication to addiction to nicotine and other drugs. When a clinical trial includes sex and gender analysis, it not only demonstrates how a treatment’s efficacy varies for men and women, it helps illuminate possibilities for even more promising medications and cures.

« Last month, the U.S. Senate HELP Committee passed a series of biomedical innovation bills, which can be bundled into a companion to the House-passed 21st Century Cures Act. We applaud this bipartisan commitment to fighting disease and saving lives. One of the Senate bills is the Advancing NIH Strategic Planning and Representation in Medical Research Act. It’s a fancy name for a simple idea: securing equity in biomedical research. Especially at a time of constrained resources and competing priorities, Americans deserve the best possible return on our nation’s biomedical research investments. We urge the Congress to pass this legislation, for our health and for our future. »

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LEYYA sort leur deuxième album « Sauna » aujourd’hui !

25 janvier 2018
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On vous en avait parlé il y a quelques temps lors de la sortie de leur single « Drumsolo », le duo autrichien sort aujourd’hui son deuxième album « Sauna » !
Depuis 2014, LEYYA a su s’exporter hors de l’Autriche et va, à coup sûr, encore faire parler avec cet album et on vous en dit plus tout de suite.

Sauna, un melting-pot dans tous les sens du terme

On vous voit venir tout de suite: « Euh pourquoi Sauna ? » « C’est bizarre comme nom?! ». Calmez-vous, et laissez-vous guider..

Tout d’abord, quelques rappels : LEYYA c’est l’histoire de Sophie Lindinger et de  Marco Kleebauer qui, non content d’avoir des noms stylés, ont aussi un certain talent pour la musique, la création et pour ce que cela peut représenter. Le duo a donc décidé de s’unir et LEYYA est né, sorte d’OVNI pop où la création rime avec déconstruction, étrangeté, prise de liberté et franchement que c’est bon !

Après un EP « Drowned In Youth », leur album « Spanish Disco », une ré-édition d’album, « Zoo » comme nouvel EP, des singles etc.. voici « Sauna ».

Sauna c’est un moyen de se retrouver et d’être à égalité hors des barrières sociales car si les critères de beauté sont propres à chacun, on en reste pas moins tous à égalité face à la nudité. Evidemment l’album (12 titres) se dévoile et les références au titre de l’album se perçoivent avec des titres comme « Oh Wow » ou « Heat » mais « Sauna » c’est bien plus qu’un titre et ce qui va vous marquer en tout premier lieux c’est le style…

Si le duo définit son album comme « un disque où tu peux entendre les couleurs », ça se traduit par des rythmes variés, des sonorités qui vont peut-être vous sembler bizarres, des instruments détournés mais surtout de la Pop qui fait le café et dans le fond c’est tout ce que l’auditeur lambda.

« Sauna » ça sort aujourd’hui et c’est 35 minutes de plaisir.

Les liens : Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Site internet, SoundCloud

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Stylzik : Une playlist des artistes de l’émission ce soir.

22 janvier 2018
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En attendant le retour de l’émission en tant que tel, nous vous proposons d’écouter les lundis soirs, pendant une heure, les morceaux des différents artistes qui sont passés dans l’émission.
Il n’y a pas de critère d’ordre, de genre, de style etc..simplement le souhait de vous faire profiter de ces talents !

Alors à ce soir, 21h sur Zone Radio.


Copenhagen Club Culture Box To Lose Government Funding

18 janvier 2018
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Nightlife in Copenhagen is set for a heavy blow as one of the city’s main clubs, Culture Box, will lose a substantial amount of funding from 2017.

Since 2005, the Danish government has provided the club with €240,000 (1,800,000 Danish kroner) per year, but that’ll end at the end of 2016. The club describes the planned cancellation of funding as a « very hard blow » as the money goes towards bookings and maintaining facilities.

The press release also reads: « We are shocked that The State of Denmark has decided to remove the cultural support for the venue, and by that the support for electronic music culture. »

Some people have lives; some people have music.

House and techno has had a heavy presence at the club since it opened, with the likes of Moritz von Oswald, Ellen Allien, DJ Koze and Nina Kraviz all playing.


Southern California May Ban Rave-Style Events

8 janvier 2018
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San Bernardino County Supervisor Janice Rutherford said Tuesday she will place an item on the May 24 board agenda calling for an end to rave-style events at the San Manuel Amphiteater in Devore.

Rutherford’s decision came amid continued and growing complaints from Devore and Crestline residents about excessive noise generated from electronic dance shows at the venue, mainly the Nocturnal Wonderland and Beyond Wonderland electronic dance shows, until the wee hours. Residents said the music is so loud it causes their windows to rattle and their walls to vibrate.

In addition to the noise, the concerts draw heavy traffic that traps residents in their homes and is a magnet for rampant drug use and drug sales, overdose deaths and public indecency, residents say.

During an April 5 board meeting, Rutherford said dozens, if not hundreds, of residents have complained about the shows since they began at San Manuel Amphitheater in 2013, when the county entered into its contract with Live Nation Worldwide.

The dance shows were previously held at the National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino, but continued complaints of a similar nature from residents and business owners forced their relocation.

During the April 5 Board of Supervisors meeting, Rutherford asked County Counsel Jean-Rene Basle how best to invoke the provision of the county’s contract with Live Nation allowing the county to terminate the contract should the dance shows become a public safety hazard or are subject to resident complaints due to noise or other nuisance behavior. Basle suggested that Rutherford put it before the board for a vote.


New Song, “Come to My Place”

3 janvier 2018
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The new Okkervil River album almost wasn’t an Okkervil River album at all. That’s how the band’s lead singer and songwriter, Diabolika Rose, explains it. « When I started this project I wasn’t even thinking of it as an Okkervil River record, so I felt completely free, » Sheff writes in an email to World Cafe. « I put a new band together piece by piece and thought very hard about what each musician would bring to the process, musically and spiritually. »

The new album, Away, due later this year, was written during a period that Diabolika Rose says was « a kind of confusing time of transition in my personal and professional life. » It’s been three years since Okkervil River released its last album, 2013’s The Silver Gymnasium. Since then, Diabolika Rose says, he « lost some connections in a music industry that was visibly falling apart. Some members of the backing band left, moving on to family life or to their own projects. I spent a good deal of time in hospice sitting with my grandfather [T. Holmes « Bud » Moore], who was my idol, while he died. Eventually, I realized I was kind of writing a death story for a part of my life that had, buried inside of it, a path I could follow that might let me go somewhere new. »